Receive strategic and operational advice

Driven by the strong experience of Franck Bouis, a brand owner and consultant himself, our team helps fragrance and cosmetic brands to succeed within their markets. 

Whether you are an established brand or a challenger brand, our mission starts at a strategic level with the respect to your core values. Interactivity is the key, that’s why we always work together to define, develop and launch fragrances with a clear and unique brand identity. We are here to create unique experiences with regards to efficient workflows and a constant attention on customer service.

Our expertise is at every level of perfume and cosmetic consultancy, namely:

  • Deliver personalised guidance based on the clients’ brief and the latest innovations
  • Develop customised formulas: high-end fragrances, skincare, perfume for ambiance (candles, reed diffusers, high-tech scent systems)
  • Contribute to the marketing plan with brand positioning, storytelling, mood boards, olfactive descriptions, etc.
  • Provide clients with a step-by-step process to launch new fragrances locally and/or internationally
  • Give valuable insights on creative, technical and legal questions
  • Outsource the best options for raw materials, components and packaging items
  • Draw up the specification files and any other documentation: production guidelines, quality control process, regulatory compliance, etc.


Benefit from our network in the perfume industry

If you are willing to grow your impact and gain visibility, we are offering partnerships and collaborations with big names in the industry and key players.

We act as a connector to make you reach a wider audience:

  • Provide assistance with all related fragrance and cosmetic exhibitions around the world, with direct contacts to the organisers
  •  Arrange direct purchases with carefully selected suppliers (packaging suppliers, advertising agencies, bottle designers, glass manufacturers, printing companies, logisticians etc.)
  • Facilitate connections with retail distributors
  • Set up exclusive collaborations with Franck Bouis as a master perfumer